Take me to Sun World: Experience the cable car with price deal

In the hot summer, you can ignore Cat Ba, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the north on the map of Vietnam. Cat Ba is famous for Lan Ha Bay, national forest and pristine beaches, … especially cannot miss the Sun World Cat Ba cable car.


If you are planning a cool summer in Cat Ba, do not give up the wonderful experience with the cable car.



Come to Sun World Cat Ba, take a cable car to see the beautiful Cat Ba Island from above. Even if you have been to Cat Ba, you should come back to add a new and wonderful experience to your journey to explore Vietnam!



With free parking, there is a shuttle bus going directly to the town right in front of the station, traveling to explore Cat Ba will become extremely fast and convenient. The cable car operates with a maximum operating speed of 8m / s, reaching a capacity of 4500 passengers / hour, helping to shorten the travel time to Cat Ba from more than 20 minutes by ferry to 9 minutes by cable car. Plus, the cool, airy station and professional service will definitely make your trip more complete than ever.




When arriving at the station, visitors can also visit and check-in at two stations with beautiful and high-class design between airy space and colorful sunflower garden.

From this summer until the end of the year, Sun World Cat Ba applies an attractive price: The same price of 100,000 VND / ticket for all visitors (both outside the province and local), free for children under 1m. Cat Ba summer excursions have never been so convenient and attractive.


“Take me to Sun World Cat Ba” now!