Cat Ba archipelago is made up of 388 large and small limestone islands rising from the sea (including Long Chau archipelago), with an area of ​​345 km2, located in the East of Hai Phong city, about 150 km from Hanoi to the southeast. The archipelago belongs to Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong city. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.

As the largest island and also the most beautiful of a total of 1,969 islands in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba was dubbed the “Pearl Island” of the Tonkin Gulf. With the “leaning against the mountains, facing the sea” terrain, with the view embracing mountains and the ocean, Cat Ba Island is home to charming and fascinating landscapes. It is blessed with the general climatic features of the Northern Delta, and the climatic features of a coastal limestone island, which is mildly pleasant year-round.

If you intend to travel to Cat Ba Island, do not miss this wonderful experience.


Cat Ba Island is famous for its clear blue water, smooth, clean sandy beaches, and is an ideal location for swimming in the North of Vietnam. In Cat Ba, there are hundreds of large and small beaches, but the cluster of Cat Co beaches including Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Co 3, is the place most visited thanks to the rich natural landscape.

Cat Co 1 is the widest beach, lying along the mountain with clear blue water and waves all year round. Cat Co 2 dresses in a quiet, peaceful and was named one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia (according to the votes by Thrillist). Cat Co 3 brings a modern, vibrant color with fully equipped luxurious hotels and resorts.

Cat Dua Beach on Monkey Island is also one of the primeval beaches in Cat Ba, is an ideal place for nature lovers. Cat Dua Beach is located far away from the big island so the water is very clear, the wide sandy beach is suitable for swimming in the family groups.



One of the experiences not to be missed when traveling in Cat Ba is the most modern three-wire cable car in the world with the station system of modern design, bearing the breath of the port city, in Sun World Cat Ba Cable Car Tourism Zone.

Cat Hai – Phu Long three-wire cable car has a total length of 3,955m, connecting from the center of Cat Hai island to Cai Vieng wharf area on Cat Ba island, including 60 cabins with a capacity of 30 tourists/hour. The cable car route is carried out under the consultancy and design of the world’s No. 1 cable car company Doppelmayr, with a capacity of up to 4,500 passengers/hour, halving travel time, while contributing to reducing the overload situation for Cat Ba tourism on holidays. Cable car tickets to Cat Hai – Phu Long will cost 150,000 VND/way.


Experience Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car route


The cable car is a modern “overhead means of transport”, which not only protects the environment and saves time but also gives tourists a great experience. Because on the longest cable car in the world, tourists can enjoy sightseeing, admire the wild beauty of Cat Ba nature from above, capturing the charm of the Pearl of the Tonkin Gulf.



Located in the east of Cat Ba Island and it is a bridge between Cat Ba Island and the wonder of the world – Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is like a lovely silk strip woven by clear sea water and cool green vegetation.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has up to 139 small, lovely golden sand beaches with many safe beaches, ideal for tourists. Here, tourists can also immerse themselves in the clear blue water, calm waves, or dive to watch the colorful coral reefs on the beaches of Sen Island, Cu Island, Monkey Island…Thanks to the natural, primeval, quiet beauty, today Lan Ha Bay has been put into operation as a tourist resort to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Although not known by many tourists, Lan Ha Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful bays of Vietnam.


For those who love the outdoor activities, especially kayaking, Cat Ba is a paradise destination. In Lan Ha Bay, you can kayak and swim wherever you want. The area of ​​Sang cave and Toi cave is the most interesting place for this sport. Besides, there are many deserted islands with caves and sand beaches made up of dead coral reefs and mysterious lagoons waiting for you to explore.



On the journey to visit the bay, tourists will visit Monkey Island. Monkey Island has two sides, one is a resort for foreign tourists to stay, and one is a beach for everyone (including Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2). Monkey Island water is very clean and clear, is an ideal place to swim and relax for tourists.

Coming to Monkey Island, tourists who like to explore can climb to the top of the mountain to have a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large and small islands undulating on the clear blue water along with white fine sand .

In particular, this island will be a favorite destination for children because there are a few dozens of monkeys here, because they often meet tourists so they dare to tease both tourists. Be careful not to hit or chase away because monkeys are highly alert animals and tend to protect their herd.


Cat Ba National Park is recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve with a rich and unique creature population, suitable for tourists to visit, relax and explore. Cat Ba National Park is considered as one of the highest biodiversity areas in Vietnam, and is home to many different ecosystems such as mangrove ecosystem, limestone mountain forest ecosystem, marine forest ecosystem with coral reefs …

This is a must-visit trekking spot for enthusiasts to explore. The best time to visit Cat Ba National Park is from April to October, when you can experience interesting climbing activities or explore the diverse natural ecosystems. In particular, in Cat Ba National Park, there is Ngu Lam peak, standing there, you can observe the identical mountains, one of the most beautiful views on Cat Ba Island. Experiencing walking in the canopy of rainforest cover, climbing the limestone mountains is sometimes challenging, but brings great emotions.



The cannon fortress is located at an altitude of 177 meters, this is a historical site built by the Vietnamese army from the 40s of the 20th century, and still holds two large cannons, each weighing up to dozens of tons.

From the cannon fortress, tourists will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Cat Ba archipelago from many angles, enjoying the beautiful wild beauty that captivates the hearts of the primeval islands, romantic beaches… At this height, Cat Ba Island also appears lively and busy with hundreds of fishing boats anchored and floating houses at sea.

Especially, when the sun sets, the sun is like a bright red charcoal peeking behind the mountains, tourists will enjoy the quiet and romantic space of the sunset on the sea. You will be really overwhelmed by the beautiful lines that nature has painted on the blue sea to create a picture that is beautiful than anywhere else.



Seafood in Cat Ba in particular, in the North in general is famous for being sweetest, firmest and toughest in the country because of this mountainous terrain, there are many estuaries and streams flowing into the sea, sea water becomes river water with brackish water, the closer the seafood is to the estuary, the more delicous the seafoods are. The most delicious seafood in Cat Ba is the area of ​​Phu Long Commune, right on Cai Vieng ferry.

The delicious fresh seafood dishes such as lobster, steamed squid, otter clam, grilled oysters with onions, grouper, flounder fish steamed with aromatic herbs… until the rustic folk dishes such as shrimp noodle, Cat Hai fish sauce, Cat Ba forest honey…