Located in the east of Cat Ba Island and it is a bridge between Cat Ba Island and the wonder of the world – Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is like a lovely silk strip woven by clear sea water and cool green vegetation. The area of ​​Lan Ha Bay is over 7,000 ha, of which more than 5,400 ha is under the management of Cat Ba National Park – a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve.

Lan Ha Bay is shaped as an arc, surrounded by more than 400 large and small islands, creating a huge picture of majestic beauty. Visiting Lan Ha Bay, tourists will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of many primeval islands with rich and diverse vegetation.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has up to 139 small, lovely golden sand beaches with many safe beaches, ideal for tourists. Here, tourists can also immerse themselves in the clear blue water, calm waves, or dive to watch the colorful coral reefs on the beaches of Sen Island, Cu Island, Monkey Island…

Thanks to the natural, primeval, quiet beauty, today Lan Ha Bay has been put into operation as a tourist resort to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Although not known by many tourists, Lan Ha Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful bays of Vietnam.